Allevamento del Mucrone
History del Mucrone

Kennel Mucrone, the breeders of Mucrone. It was founded in 1967 by my father Nadir Guerrini. His life was dedicated to the Spinone and later also Bracco Italiano, Teckel and the Segugio Italiano.
I can say that my passion to this breed was handed down by my father, who in turn received it from his father and his grandfather John Amadio, who where all Spinone owners. So family descendants and origin, ties us to history and passion. With great satisfaction I, Nadia Guerrini, wife to Salvatore La Spada, have been touched well by my father, I of course have Spinone. For many years I bring many Mucrone Spinone in the National and International showring and on the hunting scene. Actual results of our Dogs are the fruits of extensive research and selection, made by my father and me. Since the second World War, the main purpose of our family was maintaining and improving the morphoogy of the Spinone with strong passion for hunting.
Mucrone kennel is confirmed in her work by the excellent results of our dogs. We have breed lots of good working, beautyful Italian, International, European and World Champions. It was for our Mucrone kennel a big honour to see that in 2007 my father Nadir Guerrini personaly got the important "L'Oscar della Cinofilia" (Trophea from the Italian Kennel Club - ENCI) for the work he had done with the Spinone. It is particular important to point out that Mucrone Spinone that were exported to the US, UK and other parts of the World, have all obtained their Championship qualification. Many of them were in their turn used for breeding and have re-produced very typical, excellent off-spring which are also awarded in Italy with the titel; Campioni Belezza (Italian Beauty Champion). Our Champion Duna del Mucrone has been used by the ENCI as model to point out how a Italian Spinone must look . The pictures of Duna del Mucrone can still be found at the official Italian Spinone Breed Standard. Mucrone kennel is one of the oldest Spinone breeders in Italy, my personal aim is to maintain our high quality of Spinone's, all with typical character and passion for the hunting. We do our best continuing the work from my ancestors and my beloved father.

Nadia Guerrini
Salvatore La Spada






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