Allevamento del Mucrone

Nostri Spinoni in USA
Our Spinone in the USA

CH Otello del Mucrone

Nadir, Wally, & Ch Otello del Mucrone

CH Nada best Female on Westminster 2008

2013 Couchfields-Mucrone here with 4 gererations start By Otello

Couchfields Puccini del Mucrone in National 2013 USA

Couchfields Paolo in National 2013 USA

Couchfields GIADA BOB in National 2013 USA

Couchfields Paolo expression in National 2013 USA


Diavolo e Choucfields Angelina on point

Diavolo water retriver

fantastic action on point of 5 Spinoni in America

CH Otello del Mucrone


Carry-over of CH Otello

Beautiful point style..

Mather of Coca on Point

Nice expression of Couchfields Puccini Del Mucrone

Couhfields Donatella del Mucrone

CH IT Couhfields Donatella del Mucrone

Withe Rossini,Marco Piva & Diablo


Rossini & bracco It Marco Piva

Marco Piva and Diablo on point

Rossini and Diablo point on quail

Goooo Style....

many Snipe

The Eagle


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